About Us

Why the name Skunk Daddy? 

In 2012, I decided to start a corporation for the purposes of doing something with a business one day.  But at the time, I had not business purpose and only an idea of a business name.  The name at that time was based on a book I had recently read regarding relationships.  This company was started as LRPP, Inc.  LRPP represented LOVE, RESPECT, PROVIDE, PROTECT.  The corporation sat stagnant for several months with no purpose other than it existed in waiting until I could some up with a purpose.  Many months later, I had the opportunity to start a construction business, but I simply didn’t want to have one of the many boring and instantly forgettable names you see in the industry.  LRPP, while it represented something significant and meaningful, was somewhat forgetful.  Shortly after the start of the construction business, my husband and son were fishing in Lake Waco.  My young son, in all his innocence, looked up at my husband with his aging beard with its salt and pepper coloring, and said, "You look like a skunk, Daddy!"  At which point, my husband laughed and said that sounds like the name of fine business.  When they came home that evening, they told me this story, and I said that this is exactly what my business name needed to be.  It was a lot of paperwork to officially change the name from LRPP to Skunk Daddy Services, but you won’t forget the name even if you forget some of the things we do or lose our number.  

Now many years later, my small business has grown to what it is today.  Our primary purpose currently is to provide weatherization services to those with financial limitations that have been qualified through local non-profit community action agencies to receive construction services to their homes to help make their homes more energy efficient.

We are a company that can and does wear many hats in the construction and residential and commercial services industry.  From new construction to minor home maintenance and repairs to making your home more energy efficient.  From commercial to residential to industrial buildings.  We have a wide range of talents and many years of experience working for us.  We even build tree houses.  The Skunk Daddy experience we want our clients to have should not only include value and quality because every company tries to proclaim value and quality.  We are looking for words like nice, ethical, excellent, fair and honorable.  Give us a try on your next project.


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